Antonio Polzella
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Antonio Polzella:

Antonio Polzella is pizza baker and owner of the restaurant/pizzeria La Ventola in Vada/Italy.

His career details are absolutely enviable:

- Master degree pizza baker from the Italian School of pizza baker (Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli) in Montecatini Terme/Italy
- Winner of the World championship at Salsomaggiore 2004 with his pizza creation “FOLLIE PRIMAVERILI”
- 5th place at the European championship 2004 in Spain
- Winner of the Spain stage (Marbella) of the European GIRO PIZZA 2004
- Finalist at the EUROPIZZA in June 2005 at Paris


- Instructor license for pizza baker in 2005
- Participation without competition in the realization of the Italian pizza at New York City during the competition New York Pizza Show 2005
- 2nd place at the world championship 2006 at Salsomaggiore/Italy with his pizza creation “FOLLIA TOSCANA”
- Winner of the 1st ADRIATIC CUP 2006 at Silvi Marina/Italy with his pizza creation “PIZZA ETRUSCA”
- Participation at the 9th International Kremlin Culinary Cup 2006 at Moscow representing Italy and Tuscany


- 2nd place at the 7th National Championship Spicy Pizza 2006, organized by the Association of Italian Pizzerias (A.P.I.) at Scalea/Calabria
- 4th place at the European Championship 2006 at Barcelona
- 3rd place at the Pizza Olympics 2007 with his pizza creation “PIZZA FOLLIA SENZA GLUTINE” (gluten free) and in consequence his restaurant/pizzeria became an official and recognized DS Gluten free-Sales point
- Member of the Italian National Team of acrobatic pizza baker


Antonio devotes himself at the art of making pizza with lots of passion and so he bakes every day and every night thousands of pizzas in his wood coal stove…

Why don’t you drop in for trying one… good appetite!

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Antonio Polzella
Via dei Cavalleggeri, 171
57018 Vada (LI), Italy

Mob.: +39.335.1377195
Antonio Polzella
Via dei Cavalleggeri, 171
57018 VADA (LI), Italy
Cod. Fisc. PLZNTN73S11C415F
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